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Hearing Aids

Below is an overview of the different hearing aid designs and their main advantages. As a rule, hearing aids are categorized according to type. There are two basics types: Behind-the-Ear (BTE) and In-the-Ear (ITE) models. The model that is right for you depends on your hearing impairment and on the anatomy of your ear.

Behind the Ear

Smallest BTE variant, tiny housing For mild to severe/profound hearing loss. Quick and easy adjustment

Suitable for all types of hearing loss, available in various sizes. Comfortable and easy to operate.

For mild to moderate hearing loss. Thinner, virtually invisible sound tube (LifeTube).

In the Ear

Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. Very deep fit in the ear allows most natural sound experience, virtually invisible.

This is the smallest custom-made hearing instrument. The shell is designed to fit discretely inside your ear canal. Often these devices are limited in the number of programs and options.

Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. Easier to handle than smaller variants. More suitable for smaller ear canals than smaller variants.

Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. Longer battery life than smaller variants. Possibility to include user controls (e.g. volume)

Suitable for mild to moderate/severe hearing loss, More feature options than smaller variants, Easier handling than smaller variants

Caution Box

CAUTION! Mail order hearing aids may be harmful for your ears. Trust only professionals with your hearing.

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